Allan Shockley: The Art of the Didgeridoo

Welcome to the world of Allan Shockley - Master Didgeridoo Player, Teacher and creator of the DreamTime Pipe (an agave didgeridoo). This site will explore Allan's many talents and passions. (Be sure to download a few Didgeridoo MP3s!)

If you are looking to buy or purchase a didgeridoo this is the site! Please consult with Allan before buying any didgeridoo. He is a wealth of information and help in your personal quest to find your ultimate didgeridoo. Allan specializes in helping beginning didgeridoo players "begin". Allan has a collection of tips and advice for playing the didgeridoo - call him today!

Musician, artist and seeker, Allan is a true renaissance man. For those of you who know Allan we hope you find this site to be true to the spirit of Allan. For those who do not know Allan - you are in for a treat! Enjoy, explore, get turned on...

Allan's fulltime career is dedicated to the didgeridoo and DreamTime Pipe. Please help support Allan to continue his dedication to the craft by buying a pipe or two! Contact Allan at 520-628-7063 to check on his current inventory.

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Allan's site has been redesigned. Yay! Please drop Allan a line with any feedback about the site. Call Allan at 520-628-7063 or via email.

Also, I will be adding a "testimonials" section to the site. It is meant to be a repository of Allan's impact on the didge community. Please send an email to

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